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tabernacle of jesus christ

Christ the King

Christ the King Calle 41#18

Services: Wednesday 7:30 pm Sunday 10:00 am

Pastor: Miguel Villanueva


our faith

We believe in one eternally existent God who created all things and by whom all things exist. God has revealed Himself to us as our Father, in His Son Jesus Christ, and as the Holy Spirit, with distinct attributes but no division of nature, essence, or being. Jesus Christ is God manifested in the flesh was both God and man.

We believe that our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is expressed by calling on his name in the waters of baptism. Baptism in water is an act of obedience that identifies with Jesus in the death of sin, the burial of the old nature, and the resurrection to a new life.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is active in the world today and that the baptism of the Holy Spirit and its accompanying gifts and characteristics of life produced by its indwelling are the privileges of all New Testament believers.

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