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Jesus is the center of our lives and who we have as a model in every area of our lives. He is our everything and worthy of everything.


Each person is a gift given by God to the world with a purpose for his kingdom. We believe that they deserve to be treated as such.


The presence of God has the power to change anyone and any situation. We search for it, we pursue it, we surrender to its presence and we carry it with us within ourselves. 


Giving brings us life. With joy and passion we share our gifts, our time, our influence, our money, and our resources to see lives changed forever and the Gospel spread throughout the world.


Family is a treasure. We wish to see and build strong families with unwavering faith. We also strive to truly be a "church family." We carry each other's burdens and love each other.


We have discovered that gratitude is the gateway to greater things. We live under the light of undeserved grace that we have received from God. 


Jesus not only does some things different, but he makes all things new. As we are transformed into his image, we begin to transform the world into his kingdom.


In all things, we strive to give our best to God and his people. Nothing less. We strive to operate at the full capacity of our God-given potential.


We can do more together. Our Church will not be divided by culture, ethnicity, politics, or preferences. We unite around the Glory, the Word and the mission of God.

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